(TEXT BASED) Protein Blend Whey Protein Concentrate Whey Protein Isolate L-Glutamine Breaks down protein to amino acids causing anabolic muscle growth, as well as enhancing brain functions (learning and memory). Proprietary Blend Barley Grass Powder (fiber) Lowers cholesterol, has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects which aid immune system response. In addition it helps soothes the digestive tract, and is a ‘concentrated’ nutritious whole food offering very easily digested balanced nutrition to the body. Chlorella (algae) One of the major components in detoxification, Chlorella also is high in essential nutrients and aids in healthy bacteria in GI tract. Chlorella's cleansing action on the bowel and other elimination channels, as well as its protection of the liver, helps keep the blood clean. It is Alkaline and helps balance your body's pH. Spirulina Aids with cholesterol, acts as an antioxidant, strengthens cell membrane, and is a powerful immune builder. Spirulina contains 12 vitamins, 11 minerals, 4 important pigments, 8 essential fatty acids, 6 non-essential fatty acids, 8 amino acids and 10 non-essential acids, besides chlorophyll, phycocyanin, linolenic acids and gamma linolenic acid. Vegetable Blend Carrot Powder Organic An excellent source of Vitamin A, it also helps remove toxins and helps with vision. Broccoli Powder Organic (fiber) Aids with cholesterol, is an anti-inflammatory and helps to boosts immunity while providing an excellent fiber source. Cauliflower Powder Organic Counteracts excess estrogen may help prevent certain types of cancer. Spinach Powder Organic An anti-inflammatory, it also boosts energy brain function, aids the immune system and helps raise hemoglobin in blood. Parsley Powder Organic Helps regulate blood sugar, helps digestive tract disorders and cleanses the body of toxins. Kale Powder Organic An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that is also high in Vitamin A. Acerola Berry Juice Powder An antioxidant with a high Vitamin C (ORAC ) level. Wheat Grass Aids in digestive tract and detoxifies, but also clinical studies have shown may aid certain cancers and may help prevent heart disease. Vegetable & Fruit Blend (ORAC Blend) Fiber Blend Flax Seed Powder (fiber) Helps to lower cholesterol, helps the immune system and promotes better blood circulation. Oat Betaglucan (Soluble Fiber) Activates the immune system, aids in lowering cholesterol, and has both anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties. Apple Fiber Pectin (fiber) Helps remove cholesterol by binding to it while cleansing the intestinal tract. Brown Rice Bran Contains phytosterols, is high in nutrients and boosts CoQ10 Milk Thistle Seed Ext. 80 % Silymarin An antioxidant for the liver, it lowers liver enzyme levels. Red Beet Root Powder Cleansing agent for GI tract that is low in fat and high in minerals Enzyme Blend Bromelain Blend This enzyme breaks down proteins, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, and is highly beneficial for use with digestive problems and phlebitis. Papain This enzyme breaks down protein and aids in digesting nutrients. Protease This enzyme breaks down protein into amino acids. Amylase This enzyme breaks down starches (carbohydrates) into simple sugars. Lipase This enzyme breaks down fat into simpler forms. Cellulase This enzyme breaks down plant fiber or cell membranes. Lactase This enzyme is essential for digestive hydrolysis of lactose in milk. Probiotics (Dairy Free) Lactobacillus Acidophilus This helps restore good balance of bacteria in intestinal tract and helps the immune system. Bifido Bacterium Longum Helps manage lactose intolerance, aids in lowering cholesterol and helps both the immune system and digestion. Lactobacillus Casei Aids in lowering cholesterol and helps both the immune system and digestion. Lactobaccillus Rhamnosus This inhibits the growth of most harmful bacteria in the intestine, while also aiding in lowering cholesterol and helping both the immune system and digestion. It also lowers blood pressure and increases mineral absorption Antioxidant Blend Barley Malt An antioxidant that has natural, sugar-free sweetness. Green tea Ext ( 60% Polyphenols) And antioxidant and antibacterial, it helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, while clinical studies have also shown it to aid in weight loss. Quercetin 98% Dihydrate (flavonoid) An anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that also helps blood pressure. Polygonum Cuspidatum A concentrated form of resveratrol, with anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, blood-sugar-lowering and other beneficial cardiovascular effects. Concord Grape An antioxidant with resveratrol, with anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, blood-sugar-lowering and other beneficial cardiovascular effects. Cinnamon Powder Organic And antibacterial and antifungal that aids with gastrointestinal problems. Aloe Leaf Powder Helps cholesterol, is an anti-inflammatory, it helps heal wounds and helps to clean the colon. Turmeric Rhizome An anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial, it helps the digestive tract, improves blood circulation and stimulates the immune system. Atlantic Kelp Powder Rich in Iodine, vital nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals it also aids in digestion and respiration. Lycorice Root Ext Anti-inflammatory, aids in good digestion, helps with respiratory problems (cough, sore throat, common cold) Maitake Aids the immune system, is an antioxidant and helps lower blood pressure Shitake Is both an antibacterial and an antiviral. Cordyceps (fungi) Helps to lower cholesterol, builds the immune system, enhances energy levels, and benefits blood circulation, the respiratory system and proper male hormone levels. Bee Pollen Is an anti-inflammatory, helps the immune system, improves both stamina and energy while helping also with anxiety and depression. Bee Propolis An anti-inflammatory that has many beneficial effects on viral diseases, ulcers, superficial burns or scalds. allergies, and promotes heart health while strengthening the immune system and reducing the chances of cataracts. 10-HDA Royal Jelly. Helps the immune system, improves both stamina and energy while helping also with anxiety and depression. Dulse (seaweed) An excellent source of minerals and vitamins compared with other vegetables and it contains all trace elements needed by humans and has a high protein content. Pure Brown Seaweed Ext Helps burn fatty tissue, aids in blood cleansing and intestinal strength, while benefiting the skin, hair, reproductive organs and menstrual regularity. Siberian Ginseng Helps the immune system, improves energy, stamina, memory and concentration, while also detoxing the liver. ALA Alpha-Lipoic Acid And antioxidant, it helps improve memory performance and cellular uptake of glucose. Ginkgo Biloba Leaves Ext An antioxidant for brain neurotoxicity, it fights free radicals, helps fatigue, helps memory, improves blood circulation, PMS and male impotence. MSM An anti-inflammatory, it maintains joint & cartilage flexibility and elasticity Lycopene An antioxidant, it may help reduce the risk of prostate cancer and prostate related symptoms.